Readable moment ruined

Yesterday I was stopped by a cop. Not pulled over, just stopped from being able to drive any further.

A cop car was stopped in the middle of a very busy street where we live. His lights were on, his door was open, and I started to wish that I had picked a different lane. As I watched him get out of his car, I thought I might be witness to some great police bust–eye witness to the five o’clock news.

But the cop wasn’t stopping traffic because of a traffic violator or some other such nonsense. No, he had stopped traffic to ensure that a mama duck and her ducklings would make it safely across the street. How great is that?

Thank goodness one of my boys was in the car.

“Look, Buddy! Look who the police man is helping to cross the street.”

My son immediately began to giggle has he watched the ducklings waddling behind their mama. Suddenly, the old teacher in me wondered where my copy of Make Way for Ducklings was located. (If you’re not familiar with this book, it’s about the same exact thing.)

So I came home and looked and looked for that darn book and it was no where to be found. And the crazy thing is that I actually own 2 copies of it (one that I bought and one that was given to me back when I was in a children’s lit class in college.) So there was NO WAY that I was going to run out and buy one even though it was a perfect teachable reading moment for my son.

If they’re not here, that means that they are sitting in a box labeled “classroom books” in our storage unit in Oklahoma. I must say, there have been few things that I’ve missed in that storage unit that we are paying $86 a month to store, but that darn book is definitely one of them.

So, a day later, I’m tempted to go to the library to find a copy but I’m sad that the moment has passed and my son has moved on to bigger and more interesting things like dressing up as an OU Sooner football player for Career Day tomorrow at school.

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