Thank you Ms. Karen!

The boys had their last swimming lesson yesterday. To say that I am pleased with what they’ve accomplished the last two weeks would be an understatement. The improvements they’ve made are UN-BE-LIEVABLE!

Before lessons, the Monkey would only get into the water if you were holding him. Now he will jump in and swim to you. He is only 3-years-old! I was trying to remember when I learned to swim all by myself. I couldn’t remember, but I’m pretty darn sure that I wasn’t 3!
I remember one of my swimming lessons. The lady would throw pennies in the pool and tell us to “go get them.” I’m not sure what that was supposed to teach us exactly, but I’m pretty sure that whatever it was, I didn’t learn it.
My dad tried to teach me to swim. He would hold me on his hip, put both arms around me tightly, and tell me to hold my breath. We’d be under water where I had no use of my arms and legs. I felt panicked and scared. I absolutely hated every second of it. It’s amazing I’ll get near a body of water at all.
That’s why I made sure my boys had lessons from someone who really knew what they were doing and Ms. Karen didn’t disappoint. The Cheese enjoyed going to the pool before lessons, but would not go in without an adult. I was glad that he had a healthy fear of the water, but I was worried that he would stay scared and never learn how much fun swimming can be. Well that’s all changed. He loves swimming all by himself, jumping in, diving for rings. It’s awesome!
I better start exercising because I’m going to be spending a lot of time in a bathing suit this summer.
I am actually a little sad that our lessons are over. Ms. Karen taught them so much and they’ve made such improvements working with her. She was worth every penny and we plan on going back to her every summer until she tells us, “Enough! 18-year-olds don’t need lessons!”
Today we’re heading to the pool. I pray that they show the same progress and enthusiasm in the water with us as they did Ms. Karen. I hope we don’t screw up everything that she’s done. I have a feeling it will all be fine and they’ve be swimming better than I can (which isn’t saying much) before the summer is over.
Like when I play video games with them or try to put together a train track, my boys will be telling me, “Mommy, I’m better at that than you are.
 And thank goodness they are. Anybody want to dive for pennies?

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