When kids discover the joys of ice cream

Is it summer yet? I certainly feels like it. My boys have discovered a new treat: eating ice cream out of cones on the back porch. Is there anything better? No, I don’t think so.

The problem with introducing a new treat is that they now ask for it every night after dinner. Who knew the promise of a vanilla ice cream cone could make a kid eat all of his corn? I’ve tried these kinds of bribes in the past, but my boys were always willing to give up the pleasure of eating a cookie for the pain of eating peas. But it now looks as if I’ve finally discovered their currency–what they are willing to barter for. It didn’t take them long to go through a gallon of vanilla, so yesterday at the store I promised that we would buy some more.

“Okay, guys. What kind do you want?”

“Hummmm…” the Cheese says as he slowly walks past the frosted freezer doors with his hands folded, rubbing his chin. “Let me think about this.”

“Green!” the Monkey replies. “I want the green one!” He’s pointing to a tub of mint chocolate chip which I know that he won’t eat.

“How about you guys pick a kind that you would both like. How about Cookies ‘n Cream? That’s yummy!” I told them.


“I want the green one!”

“No. No green ice cream, baby. You won’t like it,” I tell the Monkey as he now folds his arms and starts to pout.

“I think I want that kind up there.”

“No way, buddy. No pink bubble gum ice cream.”

“I want bubb’ gum! I want bubb’ gum!” The Monkey’s joyous attitude seems to have returned.

Meanwhile, the Golfer has been standing next to the cart the entire time obvious to the ice cream drama as he checks his messages on his phone. Suddenly realizing what’s going on, he offers a suggestion.

“How about popsicles?”

“No!” I snap back. “We’re here for ice cream!”

He quickly returns to his phone with a sigh and I’m-so-glad-I-don’t-grocery-shop-with-you-guys-on-a-regular-basis look on his face.

After debating the 51 flavors before us–everything from lime sherbet (“Green!”) to Dippin’ Dot style ice cream cups–I grabbed a tub of No Sugar Added coffee ice cream that I knew no one but me would like.

And for the boys? Lime, pink, and orange sherbet Push Up Pops. Everyone left happy.

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