The Cheese: the best citizen

Yesterday there was an award assembly for the kindergartners at the Cheese’s school. The week before I received a criptic letter saying that he would be receiving an award, but it didn’t say for what.
They have an awards assembly every so often at his school. They award the kids for effort, scholarship, citizenship, and what every the character trait from the Character Counts program is for the month. In September, the Cheese had received an award for Outstanding Citizenship. I was so proud of him–being recognized for this consideration of others and the world around him. It affirmed for the Golfer and I that maybe we are doing something right.

So yesterday he received ANOTHER award for Outstanding Citizenship. Of course we would have been proud no matter what area he received his award in, but I love that basically he was awarded again for being a nice kid. Obviously while he’s at school he is aware of how his actions affect those around him and always chooses the right thing to do.

Why won’t he do that at home?

Afterward we took him out for a special lunch. Everytime the Golfer and I tried to compliment him or tell him how proud we were, he would tuck his head in imbarrasement. On top of being a good citizen, he is humble too.

He then asked if we could go rent a new video game since he had gotten an award. How could I resist? I know that it is only kindergarten, but I pray that his good attitude and thoughtfulness continues.

And if he could pass along his good habits to his brother, that would be awesome.

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