I’m worth what?

They briefly reported this morning on Good Morning America about a study that reported what stay-at-home moms are worth. Apparently, women like me are worth $138,000 in the real world.

I must say, I was a little surprise…at how low the amount was! I’m worth triple that at least!

The $138,000 takes into account the salaries for things like chefs, personal drivers, housekeepers, etc. I have a feeling that the amount would be much higher if it included things like a bedside nurse, a private tutor, a sports manager, and a personal psychologist to resolve sibling issues.

I have to admit though, hearing this report did make me feel a little better. My husband works hard at his job and is excellent at what he does. It’s all of his hard work that pays for the T-ball uniforms, the trips to the grocery store, and the occasional video game rental. But his salary also pays for things like my make-up, occasional pedicures, and other things to keep me looking presentable. And even though I bring in meager paychecks of my own, it makes me feel guilty that I’m the one spending all of his hard-earned money.

In the midst of my guilt a few weeks ago, it dawned on me that I needed to stop bitching at him about his lack of domestic duties around the house. He travels for work and is gone a lot, and the last thing that he wants to do when he’s home is tend to a long Honey-Do list.

So sitting at dinner, I told him my epiphany. I had heard it said before that mothers are the CEO’s of the household, but I never invested much thought in that idea. It sounds good and makes mothers feel more important, but that’s about as far as I had taken the idea. But you know what? It’s really the truth.

It’s my husbands job to bring in money. It’s my job to take that money and use it to raise our family to the best of my ability. He pays for the groceries, I buy the food and cook it. He pays for the T-ball mitt, bat, and uniform, and I drive our child to practice, etc. You get the idea. But part of managing a happy household includes keeping my husband happy, which involves keeping myself looking good.

I consider myself a feminist. I believe in Girl Power and all of that good stuff. But I also believe that when you choose a certain path, when you made the conscience choice to stay-at-home and raise the children that God blessed you with, you have a responsibility to do it well. How many successful CEOs do you know that spend their days bitching and complaining? Not many. And if they do they don’t stay successful for very long.

I earn every last penny of that $138,000 every single day. And just like anyone else who works hard for the money (Donna Summers anyone?) I should get to enjoy spending some of it every now and then. No longer do I feel guilty for spending a little money now and then on my own personal beautification. I figure it’s just part of my invisible six-figure salary.

In fact, I think I’ll go shopping and give myself a raise.

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