There’s a national championship trophy in my kitchen

When the Golfer finally made it home after the tournament, it was finally time for us to celebrate as a family.

Finally seeing the trophy helped to make it real for the boys. I’m still not sure if they really get it. To them, Daddy just won another tournament. No biggie.

Daddy brought home the trophy belted into the front seat of his car.

What they did get was how fun it would be to spray Daddy with silly string.

After coming inside to see the celebration that me and the boys had planned (streamers, balloons, homemade cards, champagne, and milkshakes) the Golfer casually sat the trophy on the kitchen island and went out to the backyard to play with his boys. I got all choked up as I realized that I was making dinner around a national championship trophy. That certainly doesn’t happen everyday. But it sure is something that I could get used to.

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  1. momofthree

    Hello, I am a new reader, i have followed you over from where i read Catherine Newmans posts. I love all of your sites and your posts and i will be going to the library to get your book. I have 3 kids ages 8, 6 and 1 and live in MA. I will be checking in daily. Thanks for the smiles, and PS I love Jon and Kate as well and congrats to your husband!

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