10 days is our limit

We’ve been away from home for ten days now, and my kids have had it. They’re done having fun and visiting relatives. They’re done swimming and playing on the Slip ‘N Slide. They’re tired, they’re whining, they’re covered in mosquito bites, and they’re acting as if they’ve been sedated.

We’re ready to go home.

Oklahoma used to be home. It was home to me for 33 years. And I know that it will always be home to me no matter where I live. But for my boys, California (or “Califorja” as the Monkey calls it) is their home, especially for the Monkey who moved there when he was only one-year-old. And to be honest, California has become home for me too and is starting to make its own special little place in my heart.

The town that I grew up in seems so small now. The people are slower; in no hurry to get anywhere too quickly. There are more bugs, less traffic, and lots and lots of weather alerts. None of this is a bad thing. I grew up surrounded by this way of life, but it now feels a little distant and strange.

Life is California is big. There’s lots to do and everyone’s in a hurry to get there. The people might be skinnier, but not nearly as friendly. There are wild fire alerts instead of weather alerts. Gas, groceries, and everything in between costs more. And as crazy as it sounds, I absolutely love living there.

At my brother-in-law’s wedding, everyone kept asking us, “How do you like California?” And every time I answered in the same way.

“We love it there.”

And that’s the truth. We love our life in California. I know that my family and friend who live in Oklahoma may not like to hear it, but we’re in no hurry to ever move back. We’re spending the 4th of July on the beach, followed by a quick stop at Legoland…just for fun. In August we’re going camping at a really cool place just north of Santa Barbara where you stay in log cabins with running water (the only way that I’ll actually camp) and you can hike in the canyon or bike down to the beach. We’ve made great new friends, live in a great new house, and belong to a great new church.

Life is Good.

The last ten days, we’ve had a blast. We’ve spent all kinds of time with family and friends–quality time. We’ve dressed up, worn tuxes (the boys, not me), played at Splash Pad, played naked with the hose in the backyard (the boys, not me), cleaned out our storage unit, had a garage sale, made a little money, spent a little money, went to the movies, went to Sonic every day for a Cranberry and Diet Sprite, etc…etc.

It’s been wonderful, but we’re ready to go home. Home to California. As the Mamas and the Papas once sang, “I’d be safe and warm if I was in L.A. California Dreamin’…”

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  1. Dawn

    10 days is a long time to be away from wherever you call home.I’m sure you’ll be glad to be back into your regular routine.Sounds like you all got to do all the fun stuff though while you were here.

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