The pics you’ve all been waiting for

Here are the pics of the Monkey, the Cheese, and the Golfer from my brother-in-law’s wedding. It was one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever had the pleasure of attending, but my three boys were the best looking ones there. Can you blame me?

Here is the precious groom with his two ring bearers at the rehearsal the night before. He is the best uncle and my boys adore him.

The boys stood still and paid attention during the rehearsal. It was a miracle. Makes sense since we were in a church.

Some of my favorite pics were the ones that I took as the Golfer helped the boys into their tuxes before the wedding. I also took pictures to document the fact that the Golfer was actually dressing the boys without my asking him to do it.

The best line of the wedding: “Mom! I look awesome!”

I took this picture of the Cheese (he was actually sitting this way) as we were outside taking the pre-wedding pictures. Such a professional looking pic–maybe they should have hired me to be their wedding photographer instead. But I would have had to decline. It’s too hard to drink a martini and take good photos.

The boys were excited to be in the wedding. Neither had ever been in one (or even been TO one) before. I was a little nervous about their performance, but they both did outstanding. With all of these pretty girls to follow behind, can you blame them?

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  1. Dawn

    First, your guys totally look awesome in tuxes!! Wow! The black makes their blonde hair really stand out! Second) How sweet to have pictures of The Golfer helping them get ready for the big moment!3)The bridesmaid dresses and bouquets were beautiful! It looks like it was gorgeous wedding! Thanks for posting the pictures!

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