Cutest rooms in the house

Finally have the boys rooms picture worthy. They, of course, ended up being the cutest rooms in the house which only makes sense since my boys are by far the cutest members of the family.

These first two pics are of the Monkey’s room. Since his brother moved into his own room, I turned the bottom bunk into a cool fort. Whenever it’s quiet in the house, he’s usually in his fort quietly playing. It doesn’t happen often, but it’s such a beautiful thing when it does.

The framed artwork was all done by the Monkey at pre-school. The cheap frames came from IKEA, allowing for me to have so many. I love that he’s still at the age where his art is still so abstract. There’s feather painting (painting with feathers), fly swatter painting (painting with a fly swatter), and bubble wrap painting (you guessed it–painting with bubble wrap.)

This is the Cheese’s room that he’s waited so patiently for (his bed has been in storage for the last two years.) He picked out this darling comforter set–A Solar System Adventure–from The Land of Nod. Very cute and very worth the money.

(All of those figures on his bed are Planet Heroes from Fisher-Price. If your little boy hasn’t discovered them yet, introduce them to him. They’ve taught my boy more about the planets than I’ve ever known.)

I had saved the globes from my teaching days and came up with the idea to use them instead of buying a hanging solar system. The Golfer was a big help with the fishing line. I made him move each of these several times until they were exactly where I wanted them. (He was a very good sport.) I think it was worth it though.

Now we just have to pray that they don’t fall on his head in the middle of the night.


  1. Dawn

    Their rooms are darling! I so was wanting to be able to decorate a boys room. Oh well! Just like everything is blue there… everything is pink and purple here! LOL

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