It’s all cuteness and pink!

So I finally got my last check from Disney–the last big money from the big mouse.

I’ve gotta tell you, I liked getting those checks. For a writer it was decent money for simple, bi-weekly work. It made me feel like I was financially contributing to the family–made me feel not so guilty about the little now and thens that I bought…well…now and then. Plus, getting a formal check with Mickey holding up a big globe made me feel pretty cool.

When we bought the new house, the Golfer and I discussed getting a little help to help me clean the house every other week…now and then…and agreed that my Disney check would pay for it. Basically, I’d work to have the house cleaned so I could work. Made total sense. When I was “released” from my bi-weekly job, there went my bi-weekly help.

The Golfer must have felt sorry for me about the whole thing, because he told me that I could spend my last check however I wanted. Even though there were all sorts of things that we needed to buy for the house, things that we wanted to save up for, he told me to splurge on myself.

See why I married him?

Like any good bag-whore, my mind reeled with the possibilities. Maybe the Gucci that I’ve always wanted. No, too expensive and would look odd being carried next to my “Recycle Today for Tomorrow” T-shirt. Maybe a Kate Spade. Not as expensive–a nylon tote seems more eco-friendly than Italian leather.

I got online and searched. And searched. Browsed through Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom’s without ever leaving my desk, which by the way, was specifically invented for mothers like me who aren’t quite brave enough to take her young children into a handbag section of a high-end department store to browse around.

I had the money for all of two days and it was starting to burn a serious hole in my old tote bag. But this money was significant. It was money that I was still very proud to have earned and I wanted it to go to a good cause–do something to better my world, not just make it look better.

So, I started given the whole thing some deep thought. Why not take this money, money that I had earned writing, and use it to buy something that would help me earn more money writing. And then it dawned on me. A laptop. I would buy a new laptop. The laptop that I had was six-years-old and didn’t have a wireless card in it. So basically, it was useless. And heavy. And old looking. And not nearly as cute and inspiring as the pink one that I saw in Best Buy recently.

Currently, I am writing this in my bedroom far away (okay, down the hall) from our home computer. It’s a cute little Sony that’s all girly and pink.

I’m not sure if it will help me get any more writing jobs, but like any new toy I am anxious to use it and any good writer knows that you can’t get any writing jobs if you aren’t writing everyday.

This little laptop makes me want to sit in Starbucks for hours on end,maybe even finish up the young adult novel that in it’s fifth revision and could be pretty darn good if I would just bite the bullet, get off my fat butt and finish it. And then maybe some big publishing house will discover me and want to publish everything I have and the Los Angeles Times will beg to run my column…daily! and then other papers will see it and want to follow their lead and I will finally achieve my dream of being a nationally syndicated columnist. All because of my new cute little laptop that inspired me to do my best work EVER!

Take that, you big ol’ dumb mouse. Take that!

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  1. Dawn

    You go girl!! What a great purchase. This totally reminded me of the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie!!! LOL I do hope all those things come true for you!!And, seriously, I want to hear more about the book you are writing! That is so cool! Maybe you’ll be the next Stephenie Meyer!!

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