I love L.A…even though I live 30 miles north in the ‘burbs

The boys and I headed to the mall this morning as we waited for our car to be serviced. We have a really nice mall–a town center–with lots of indoor and outdoor shopping. As we walked toward the mall, I noticed all of the trucks and tents and cables and people walking around. It was obvious that something was going on.

The final tip off were the people walking around with fake babies in Bugaboo strollers. Yep, they were filming a television show outside of the mall.

I couldn’t help but stop one of the workers to ask what they were filming. They were filming “Knight Rider.” Remember the show from the 80’s with David Hasselhoff? I guess they are bringing that show back, and according to one of the workers that I spoke with today, Val Kilmer will be the new voice of the talking car. Who knows (who really cares) but supposedly there’s some announcement tomorrow and maybe that’s it.

So then, we’ve got our car back and are heading home. Sure enough, right there in our neighborhood are more trucks and film workers, obviously filming something in our neighborhood. Not sure what they’re filming, but according to our city’s film office, they are currently filming “Big Love” and a couple of movies that I’ve never heard of “Best Foods” and “Against the Dark” and a commercial for Direct TV. There’s no telling what they’re filming, but don’t think I won’t be watching “Big Love” very closely when the next season airs.

We might live 30 miles north of Hollywood, but there’s plenty of television and movie excitement right here in my backyard.

And amazingly enough, I haven’t been discovered…yet.

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  1. Dawn

    ROFL…. we’ll if they keep as busy as they are you are bound to be noticed at some point!! Great post!!! And, actually very cool that you all get to witness some movie making in action. That didn’t happen in Oklahoma! Well, at least not very often.

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