A Camping We Will Go: Day 1

Monday was the first day of our annual end-of-summer-better-get-one-more-vacation-in camping trip to El Capitan Canyon. We loaded up the car with all of our necessities and headed out. Prior to arriving at our cabin, we stopped off in Santa Barbara for some lunch and a little shopping. Nothing like indulging in Mama’s favorite past time before starting another.

We arrived safely at our creekside cabin mid-afternoon and were here for no more than two minutes before the boys took their shoes off and were running wild like boys who are camping are supposed to do.

My children are seriously nature deficient. Just listen to a snippet of a conversation that happened tonight between the Cheese and the Golfer while roasting hot dogs over an open fire.

Cheese: “Daddy? What’s this stuff all over my feet?”

Golfer: “It’s called dirt, buddy.”

Cross my heart…true story. I’m making my kids leave their shoes off for the rest of the trip.

The boys actually were both covered in dirt and grass by the end of the day. They made quick friends with some kids across the meadow (sounds like we’re in an episode of Little House on the Prairie doesn’t it?) and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening playing touch football and having an overall blast. I told the Golfer, “See–this is what happens when kids can’t be inside playing video games and watching T.V. They make their own fun.”

The Golfer and I made our own fun watching them play while drinking cold beer by the warm fire. (We’re in a canyon right up from the coast, so it gets a little chilly when the sun goes down.)

Check in all week for regular camping updates and pictures…

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  1. Dawn

    Okay, I’m totally cracking up at the conversation btwn Cheese and The Golfer! I’m so glad you are getting those boys out of the house! LOL Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

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