A Camping We Will Go: Day 3

Wednesday was spent at the beach. El Capitan State Beach is less than a mile away from our cabin. Basically, the canyon that we are in is right next to the ocean which means that you can get back to nature in every way, shape, and form. We stayed there all day, digging in the sand, running through the water (neither of the boys are brave enough to actually get in the ocean yet) and topped off the day with more Push-Up Pops.

The boys, especially the Cheese, played hard all day. I was sure that after dinner they would be ready to crash, but their new friends came by to get them for a game of freeze tag (in the dark) including glow sticks and flashlights. The Golfer and I couldn’t help but sit there and smile as we watched (mostly listened) to them play and have fun. Their father might be a jerk, but all of the kids sure are nice.

Tomorrow we head for San Luis Obispo for a quick lunch before heading on to a resort in Gilroy (The Garlic Capital of the World) where the golfer has a meeting for work. We’ll stay there a couple of days before having to head home to face the music that summer is officially coming to an end.

Camping might be over, but our vacation adventure will continue…

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