Clueless Husband–Installment #184

Late last Tuesday evening, after the children were asleep…

Mama: “Honey, come take a peek at my new blog design.”

Golfer: “Uh-huh. Cool. Looks good. Is that a part of Twitter?”

M: “No. It’s my blog. What are you talking about?”

G: “Has it always been called ‘tweet’?”

M: “I thought you said that you look at my blog every day?”

G: “I do.”

M: “Then why would you ask if it’s always been called that? It’s been called that the whole time! It’s always been called ‘tweet’.”

G: “But I thought a ‘tweet’ had something to do with Twitter.”

M: “Well it does, but it’s also the name of my blog. I can’t believe…why on earth…my blog has nothing to do with Twitter! Quit asking about Twitter!”

G: “Sorry. So, really, why do you call it ‘tweet’?”

M: “You’re killing me. It’s always been called that! (Sigh.) Don’t you remember when I was coming up with my blog that something about all these mommy blogs reminded me of a bunch of birds chattering away, singing as loudly as they can, just hoping that someone will listen? Don’t you remember that conversation?”

G: “Remind me again?”

M: “I swear! You never listen to me!”

G: “I’m sorry. I wasn’t listening. No what was that again?”

The Golfer quietly giggles. Mama, on the verge of losing her mind, has gone outside to scream.


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