"We learned something new today…"

Usually my DVR is reserved for shows like “Young and the Restless” and “Mad Men” but there’s a new show that I’ve deemed worthy.

There’s a fabulous new kid’s show on PBS called “Sid the Science Kid.” If you have young kids and haven’t watched this show, you need to. Both of my boys (ages 6 and 3) really enjoy watching. And the best part is that my boys are actually learning new things from watching it.

My boys love watching television. They come by it naturally since their mother is a total and complete T.V. junkie. So to find a show that they love to watch that is VERY educational is more than I could hope for.

Case it point. There was a show where Sid wanted to know why his bananas always turned brown. So, Sid headed off to school where he and his three friends learned all about decay from Teacher Suzie.

A day or two later I packed the Cheese’s lunch with a, you guessed it, a banana. Knowing that he wouldn’t eat the whole thing, I cut it in half before putting it in his lunch box. Later that afternoon, I asked him if he ate his banana with his lunch.

“No. I was all brown on the end,” he told me.

“But, buddy, if you had peeled back the peel you would have seen that the rest of the banana was just fine. It was only the end that was brown.”

“Oh,” he thoughtfully replied. “I thought that it had decayed.”

So not only had he learned about decay from the show, he understood his new knowledge enough to get himself out of having to eat his fruit at lunch.

I’m not sure that’s what PBS intended, but knowledge is knowledge and I’m glad that my boys are learning more and more, even if it is from the television.

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