Clueless Husband–Installment #273

The four of us were standing in line at Toys ‘R Us, the Parental Hell captial of the world. The Cheese had saved up his allowance and was ready to blow it, so we had promised that after church we would take him shopping. Sunday mid-morning seemed like a good time to go. Surely no one would be there.

“…and don’t call me Shirley.”As we stood in the line to check out that was at least a half of a mile long, the golfer ever so sweetly put his arm around me. He didn’t say anything, just looked deeply into my eyes.

I almost expected him to say something about how stupid it was to come to here on a weekend and why do they have ten cashier lanes if they’re only going to open two, but he was smiling and kind of looking at me like…well…like he kind of liked me or something.

When you’ve been married for 8 years and have a husband that travels, you take romance wherever you can get it.

My quick mind immediately switched gears, waiting with anticipation for the sweet romatic words that he was about to say.

“Your eyes sure are bloodshot, babe. They’re all red.”

And there it was. I was a little shocked that he didn’t think to mention the dark circles and the wrinkle lines starting in the corners.

Whose stupid freakin’ idea was it to go to Toys ‘R Us anyway?


  1. Dawn

    LOL… Definitely a clueless husband moment! I love that you shared it.Oh, and my husband says “don’t call me shirley” all the stinkin’ time. I guess I should stop using SURELY!

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