We’re getting him dentures next

There was a good reason why I didn’t have time to blog yesterday. I was too busy watching my child get a baby root canal.

Yes, people, I’ve find an area of parenting that I truly suck at–dental hygiene.

Here’s the deal. My oldest son at 6-years-old has had a total of 6 cavities. Do the math. That’s a cavity a year–4 of which have taken place in the last 6 months.


Before you ask, yes, we brush his teeth twice a day. Do we make him floss? Hell, I don’t even floss my own teeth. I always have good intentions–both with my own teeth and my children’s–but the follow-through is weak.

Two dentist appointments ago, the Cheese had trouble taking x-rays for his teeth. Every time that they tried, he started to gag. So the dentist decided, and rightfully so, that we shouldn’t force him and create a negative dental experience that might ruin him for life.

Well, apparently there was a cavitiy in there that really need immediate attention, but it was left to fester. And fester it did. So much so that the cavity got so deep that when x-rays were finally taking at his last appointment it was obvious that he not only had three other cavities that had creeped up, but there was one that was so deep that it would require a root canal.

Just take me out and shoot me because the guilt is just too much.

So after an hour in the dentist chair, the Cheese now has a silver cap on one of his baby teeth. The dentist said that it’ll fall out when he’s about 11-years-old, so for the next 5 years I’ll have a constant reminder that I allowed the cavity bugs to totally invade my child’s mouth.

The only thing that’s making me feel any better is that the dentist said that her son had 8 cavities on his baby teeth. Hey, if the dentist’s child is getting cavities, then I guess the Cheese is in pretty good company.

In this tough economic time, we figure if things get too bad, we can always sell our son’s silver tooth. After writing the check to the dentist yesterday, that things worth a small fortune.


  1. Erica

    It happens to the best of us. We still haven’t gotten an x-ray of our oldest either. His mouth is so small he gags every time! I’m not ready to start calculating the cost of not having room for all of his teeth…

  2. Anonymous

    My 5 year old son does not have any cavities and we only do a 15 second brush once a day. So, in my very humble opinion…I think some people just have genetically weak teeth. Seriously, the hygenist told me that we do a “very good job” brushing his teeth. What? Once a day. Top right brush brush, left brush brush. Bottom right, brush brush,left brush brush. Go like this…front brush brush. Literally 15 seconds. And flossing? Hahahaha…that’s funny.

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