Why is this kid so happy?

One word: CANDY.

I love getting fun things in the mail (hint, hint to all of you family members and friends who live out-of-state) and my children are of course no exception. Aunt Kay and Uncle Dust just surprised my boys with a huge box of fun, cool, Halloween stuff.

How sweet is that? It’s very, very sweet is what it is…especially when the box is full of candy!

The Monkey’s favorite was his very own bag full of candy, which he immediately took upstairs (without my knowledge of course.) Later that night when we took him to bed, we found several empty wrappers and the rest of the candy stashed around his room. Yeah, Halloween is going to be lots of fun this year.

The Cheese’s favorite were the Halloween whoopie cushions. What 6-year-old wouldn’t love a new toy that makes farting noises? As if I don’t hear enough farting noises all day living with three men. I’ll be sure to return the favor when Aunt Kay and Uncle Dust have kids of their own.

And of course, there’s nothing more fun than playing with all of your fun new tricks-or-treats in the FedEx box that they came in.

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