It’s OU/Texas weekend. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to start hating Texas.

If you didn’t go to school at the University of Oklahoma or if you don’t live in Norman, Oklahoma, the above T-shirt probably doesn’t mean a thing to you.

If you did go to OU or live in Norman, you’re probably cracking up right now.

I’ve had this T-shirt for probably about 15 years now. It’s worn out–practically see-through–and soft from being washed so much. I can only wear it to sleep in. Besides, wearing it in public is not all that appropriate for a mother of two.

But I love this shirt. It’s all about hating Texas during the Red River Rivalry. It’s a college football thing. It’s an Oklahoma vs. Texas thing. It’s about loving crimson and cream and refusing to wear burnt orange. It’s a weekend in Dallas that’s an absolute blast, full of cold beer and corn dogs at the Texas State Fair topped off with one of the best college football games in the country.

Who is Calvin you might ask? Hum, lets’ see. Calvin is…a…colorful character, a local legend, that lives in Norman. He has to wear a helmet daily because of seizures that he has. He is self-employed, selling local newspapers to people all over town. I’ve seen people in restaurants pay Calvin $5 for a newspaper. Calvin has even shown my step-dad (who is a CPA) a spiral notebook where he keeps track of how many papers he sells and for how much.

I’m telling you, Calvin is probably the richest man in town. He has a huge stash of cash somewhere I’m sure. Calvin has us all fooled.

I write all of this because I’m a little sad today. Out of all of the things that I miss about living in Oklahoma, game day is the thing that I miss the most. Sound crazy that I would miss football more than family or friends? Not at all. My friends and family totally understand because if they moved away, they’d feel the same way.

I gotta go. The games getting ready to start. Time to suit up.



  1. Dawn

    Great post! And, now Texas Sucks even more! LOL It really was a great game to watch. I’m just said we lost. We got REF’D! I love the story about Calvin. Because I didn’t go to school there or live in Norman I didn’t know who he was. Thanks for the history lesson. I love me some Sooners!

  2. Annie

    I do hate losing. And as a wife of a coach, those losses are so much more than just “a game.” I always feel for the coaches’ wives when other teams lose, and even though I am an OSU alum/fan, I always want the OK school to do well. Tough loss today.

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