Good Morning, Sunshine!

This is how I usually start my day. Well, only after I’ve gotten the boys up, cooked breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, gotten the boys dressed, thrown some clothes on, and taken them to school. Then I get to sit with my coffee and cute pink laptop.

I took this picture because after going through all of our family photos the other day, I realized that I don’t have many ordinary ones. I have lots of pics of the big moments–the touchdowns, the first days, etc. But really I don’t have many pics of our day to day living.

I also took this picture because I’ve been tinkering with my camera (I took it in the Manual mode.) I have a Canon Power Shot S5 which is a step above a point-in-shoot, but not quite as fancy as a DSLR. But my Canon has lots of features that I have never used, so I decided to start messing with them–features that have to do with shutter speed and aperture and other fancy camera things that I’ve found aren’t that easy to learn.

Oh, but the creative beast inside me is willing to try.

So in the future, you might start seeing more pics than usual as I try to teach myself through the help of other bloggers, like the Pioneer Woman, to write nice, simple tutorials for slow learners like myself.

Here are some pics that I took of the three faces that I love the most.

Like my mom, the professional photographer, I like taking pictures in natural light the best. I took this one of the Golfer at a flag football game. It was overcast, which is nice because there are no shadows. I love this pic because it shows his crow’s feet. I love his crow’s feet because he didn’t have any when we first started dating 16 years ago.

Again, more natural light. The afternoon light from the sliding glass door behind the Cheese was perfect lighting. A picture showing something ordinary can make the best pictures.

How can you not love this picture. I also took this at the overcast football game. I love how it’s just a tad off center and how his face fills almost the whole frame.

What can I say? I’ve got great subjects to work with.

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