Decorating Update

I’ve been tackling a lot lately in anticipation of all of our family coming to visit at the end of the month. Suddenly I have a great excuse to finish up all of the decorating odds-n-ends that I’ve left around the house. The bad thing is that I’m not very good about remembering to take before pictures of my projects.

Remember my decorated table that I showed you a while back? Well, the light fixture that I ordered finally came in and I love, love, love it! It looks a little small in the picture, but it’s actually just the right size for our table. I also got the mirror hung that had been sitting on the floor for a couple of months. It was an old mirror that we’ve carted around the last few years. I wanted to update it, so I spray painted it a glossy chocolate brown to match my next fixture. Now, all I have left to do in the room is find some kind of buffet to store my dishes in.

Again, it would help if I had a before picture of our back patio for you to really appreciate how much better it looks now. Just picture a slab of concrete with nothing on it but a Little Tikes picnic table and you’ll get the idea. I finally bought an outdoor rug, which I think makes a huge difference in any outdoor room. And that’s how you have to think about your patio–as another room. It’s far from being how I want it, but the Golfer and I have lofty goals of re-doing the whole back yard, so I don’t want to spend too much on something that will most likely change in the next year or so. But for now, I’m pleased with my simple patio, especially the new rug.

The truth is, I hate buying rugs. Good ones are so expensive and just not that exciting to buy. There’s so many other things that I’d rather be spending my husband’s hard-earned money on, but unfortunately a room without a rug just looks unfinished to me and something that looks unfinished does not do well with my perfectionist personality. My formal living room is in desperate need of a rug but for whatever reason, I just can’t bring myself to spend the money on one. Obviously, it’s on my list of next tackles.

Pottery Barn here I come!


  1. Dawn

    Stephenie, I love the lamp. It is perfect in there!!And, I’m so jealous of your patio. I want to have a patio/backyard make-over so badly! I need to go to some of the hgtv sites and see if they are having any contests for make-overs and enter them! LOL I agree with you about the rugs. The do make a room, yet they are so dang expensive!

  2. Hadias

    Everything looks awesome. I love redecorating it can brings a whole new feel to your surroundings.I love your decorating style.Were you able to check out the Rite-Aid deals? If not be sure to make your purchases before the 18th for the rebates.

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