Someone call Willard Scott

My blog is 100 today. 100 posts. I’m not sure why that’s significant–I’m not sure that it’s significant at all. But 100 sounds like a big deal, and big deals are what my life tends to be lacking in.

In truth, this blog is worth celebrating because of the tiny slice of joy that it daily brings to my life. A writer is told to write every day to improve their craft. That’s about the equivalent of being told to floss every day. You know that it’s good for you, but usually you just have better things to do with your time.

When I first got serious about writing, this seemed like an impossible feat. I mean, I’d tried {unsuccessfully} several times to keep a journal/diary in my life and usually quit after a few weeks.

I now understand that it didn’t work for me because no one ever read my diary {which is probably a good thing}. I need feedback, comments, to be out there–out in the world to be judged and loved. Blogging solved the problem.

Actually, this birthday is very belated. I started my first blog back in 2005, and then just as I was getting regular followers and links, I abandoned it. I thought that a writer keeping a blog couldn’t be taken seriously. Whoops!

About two years later, I was picked up by Disney to do a little blogging. {You know the story.} Blogging had become profitable for a writer and finally I was getting to partake. It felt good and satisfying. But after a year of that, God closed the door and opened a window. And when he did, a bird flew in.

And here we are, 100 blogs later, so grateful that Mickey gave me the boot. I may not be making any money off of this blog, but it satisfies my need to share in a way that neither of my other blogs every did.

As I blow out the candles, my wish is for this blog to have a long and happy life. And if I’m lucky, maybe a paycheck or two.


  1. Dawn

    Yay! I think you have a wonderful blog. You are definitely a talented writer. That’s why I have stalked you for so long. That and the fact that you are a Sooner and from my state! 🙂

  2. ever changing

    Congratulations on your 100th! I recently came across your blog and I must admit that since then I have been visiting you quite often. So keep writing for your fans like me ….Enjoy!

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