It’s been a while since I’ve been to a pep rally.

But that’s exactly what we did last Thursday night.

The Golfer’s team was being recognized for their big National Championship win during the homecoming rally.

The Golfer even spoke during the rally. He did a great job–very natural, not at all nervous. He told me after that he could hear our boys yelling, “There’s Daddy!” (That’s the women’s tennis team behind him, also NCAA Champions last spring.)

Coach Neuheisel was there too, of course, with some of the football team…God bless ’em.

And the Juggler. OH my goodness…the UCLA Juggler was back! Yes, that guy in the shiny blue outfit and tie is a juggler.

Let me explain…The first UCLA game that the Golfer and I went to there was a guy on the sidelines….JUGGLING! Along with the cheerleaders and the yell leaders, right next to the mascot was a guy juggling! We could not stop laughing. It was the funniest damn thing that we had seen since we moved from Oklahoma. But then the Juggler graduated and I guess there wasn’t someone to jump in and take his place. Maybe that’s why the football team hasn’t been playing as well–there’s no juggler on the sidelines cheering them on.

And how great is it that not only did the boys get a front row seat at the rally, but they got to sit next to the Bruin Bear the whole time! Between the Juggler and Josephine (the bear) they were in heaven.

Go Bruins!

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