God answers prayers about rugs too.

Okay, so remember last week when during my decorating “tackle” I talked about needing to buy a rug for my formal living and how I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money because they’re so expensive? Well, it’s like God heard me or something because the very next day I head over to Pottery Barn, to, uh, just look.

Timing is everything and my local store had just put a bunch of stuff on sale–1/2 off. And lucky me, one of those things included an 8×10 rug. And even better? It was a rug that was just like some of the really expensive ones that I had been looking at.

So I suck at before pics, but at least I remembered this time to take one during. Try putting down a sticky 8×10 rug pad all by yourself and see how long it takes you. I didn’t time it, but between my 3-year-old and the dogs it took me much longer than it ever, ever should.

But it was worth it because this was the outcome when it was all finished {like, 8 hours later}. I wish I could have scooted back to give you the full view of the room, but you get the idea. That’s Freddie and his $2 Halloween t-shirt. I think he helps to complete the look.

The new rug only made me realize how badly our furniture needs to be recovered which is the next tackle that’s a little too overwhelming and expensive to think about right now.

Oh, but a girl can dream. Prayers are answered every day–even ones including living room rugs.


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