Family Art Day: October

Once a month, family is invited to Family Art Day at the Cheese’s first grade class. There were mostly mommies and younger siblings, but there were also a few dads (impressive for the middle of the day) and some older siblings too.

They started off singing a couple of Halloween songs for us. I wish I had a video of this. The Cheese is so out of tune it made my ears burn, but as his mother I thought it was awesome regardless.

Then it was time to do our art project. October’s project was making a skeleton. Lots of cutting required, so I just gave the Monkey a fun page to color. (Notice that every one is in short sleeves. That’s because it was 90 degrees today. Welcome to late October in Southern California. Fall? Where? Certainly not here.)

Out of nowhere, the Monkey picked up the scissors and started cutting. Now, we have a pair of kid scissors at home, but I’ve never actually seen him use them. Apparently this is a skill that he’s picking up at preschool. My money is being well spent! Look at that form and technique. Quite impressive!

So once he was done cutting, he decided that he wanted to make a skeleton just like everyone else. Sweet Mrs. Henry (who is the BEST 1st grade teacher ever and who better have the Monkey one day) gave him a skeleton head of his own to use and some black construction paper to put it on.

The Cheese has been studying impressionism at school. I think the Monkey is a very impressionistic artist.

Here’s his interpretation of a skeleton…

Isn’t that the best damn skeleton you’ve ever seen. I love it! Especially since it’s his own, original creation. This one’s going on the fridge for sure.

The Cheese did a better job of following Mrs. Henry’s instructions. I didn’t know that skeleton’s could bleed from their…well…skulls, but apparently they can.

I can’t wait to see what November’s Art Day brings. Hopefully not any bleeding turkeys.

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