Apparently, it is fall after all.

It certainly doesn’t feel like fall around here. It’s been around 90 degrees, everything is still very green, and everyone is still wearing shorts and t-shirts. It took a trip to our community park yesterday to prove otherwise. It also gave me the opportunity to use my “foliage” setting on my camera.

This humming bird doesn’t think it’s fall or more likely, just doesn’t care. I have no idea what this purple flower is on this bush, but I love how bright and colorful they are.

I love this picture. I love how you can see how the leaf is gradually changing. It’s almost like you’re watching it change right before your eyes. Unfortunately, it’ll turn out mostly brown. That’s kinda how the seasons are here, not a gradual shift, just a sudden change. One day I’ll wake up and it’ll be winter, a mild winter of course, but still a winter.

This leaf was a cool color, almost a lime green, but the picture doesn’t do the color justice. It’s just on the verge of changing. You can tell that it’s gonna try its best to be yellow, but it’ll probably lose the battle and simply turn out brown.

I love this lone red leaf. It’s the red needle in the brown haystack. There aren’t many trees that turn red here. It’s this time of year that is miss the Japanese maples in my old yard in Oklahoma.

Instead, I have to find red in other things, like this cool flower on a very Californian looking plant. Again, I have no idea what it is, but I love its colorful beauty.

Same goes for this plant. These yellowy orange pom-pom balls are so cool. You’d never find something like this randomly growing in Oklahoma. I’ve traded my Japanese maples for all of these cool, random plants that I have no idea what they are. I just know they’re cool looking and make for a great picture.

Fall in California is very colorful, just not the same kind of fall colorful that the rest of the country is used to. (I think they call that finding the silver lining.)


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