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I picked up the Monkey from preschool yesterday.

“Did you have fun today, Buddy?”

“Uh-huh. We smelled a pumpkin!”

Yes, true. I had donated a pumpkin to the class (part of the Halloween/Fall Festival/Harvest Dance or whatever the hell you want to call it “celebration”) for the kids to explore. They were going to cut it open and use their senses to touch it, smell it, etc. I love preschool curriculum. So fun, so entertaining, so appropriate.

“So what did it smell like,” I asked him with enthusiasm.

“It smelled spooky in there!”

Next time you pick up a pumpkin, check to see if it smells spooky.


You know how when you go to the grocery store they always sack similar items together? All of the produce is in one sack, all of the can goods in another, etc. I always appreciate that. Makes things a little more efficient when it’s time to put it all away once you get home.

Today my grocery list was long and varied. So what does it mean when they pack your margarita mix and your mold-n-mildew remover in the same sack?

All I could figure is that they must have similar ingredients lists.

I plan to have some mold-n-mildew removed from my insides this weekend.


I live in a house with 3 men. 1 out of the 3 does a pretty good job when it comes to using the toilet. The other 2 tend to pee…wherever. It’s like, “Hey, as long as I get it in the general vicinity, then we’re all good.” I’ve talked and talked about proper technique. I’ve bitched at the Golfer about how if there is ONE thing that is totally his responsibility as a parent it’s to teach our boys how to aim. It doesn’t seem to make a difference.

All of the toilet seats in my house are permanently pee-stained. It doesn’t matter how much I scrub, what products I use, or how often I do it, the pee is there to stay. I could have a perfectly clean house, with impressive, magazine worthy decorating, a home that people ooh and ahh over, but it will all be forgotten once my guests need to use the restroom.

You know how there are things that you just hate spending you money on, but you know you have to? Yeah, toilet seats is just about at the top of the list, right behind kitchen trash cans and double A batteries.

Never having bought toilet seats, I was shocked by the plethora of choices. There are, of course, the padded seats like you’d find at your grandmother’s house, and the really cheap plastic seats that leave you feeling like you’re about to fall off. But there are lots and lots of other choices too that range from $15 to $50.

And what makes this story interesting, you ask? Nothing really, except to ask, what makes one toilet seat better than another? And what exactly makes a person spend 50 bucks on something that gets peed on all of the time? I think Kohler, American Standard, and all of the other toilet companies are somewhere laughing at us all.

I bought 3 seats that claim to be stain resistant and easy to clean.

Yeah, we’ll just see about that.


  1. ever changing

    Hi,I love the way you write … as if you are talking to me directly! It is impressive and pretty funny at times and most of the times I am just nodding my head in Yes- that’s right! Everyday things and common sense things could be so complicated and strange…. toilet seats and insurance people! Really…. ehthanks,wish

  2. Dawn

    I love that the pumpkin smelled spooky! LOLUmm… about the pee everywhere…. my suggestion is when they are at home they have to sit to pee. If I had boys that would be absolutely mandatory! I can’t stand the smell of pee in a bathroom! Ick! They can stand up to pee outside or at public restrooms. But, when at home or at a friend’s house it is just polite to sit! LOL

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