My neighborhood is haunted!

My kids begged me all month long to decorate our house for Halloween. Finally I did. I put real pumpkins in our flower bed and a cute wreath on the front door. That wasn’t good enough. They wanted more. They wanted cobwebs and lights and big blow up plastic things that require lots of extension cords and electricity.

I blame my neighbors. They’re the ones who put all of these spooky ideas into my kids heads. Our neighborhood has really gone all out for Halloween by putting lots and lots of crap in their yards. Below are just a few pictures of the Halloween crap that I spotted while walking through our neighborhood the other day.

We love these neighbors and all of their crap. They have lights and huge blow-up pumpkins and a witch hanging from their basketball goal. But these goblins hanging from their porch are my personal favorite.

There are lots of yards that have things coming out of the ground. I love how these skeleton arms not only have some kind of disgusting rash, but also have long, beautifully painted, red finger nails.

My other favorites are the decorations that are homemade like these bats. It took some kid a really long time to make these. You’ve gotta appreciate that.

I bought a luminaria kit at Target to line our sidewalk tomorrow night. However, I don’t think they’ll be able to compete with the decapitated heads-on-a-stick that line our neighbor’s.

And how can you not appreciate the attempt to simply blend seasonal crap with Halloween crap?

May your neighborhood be filled with lots of crap this Halloween season.

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