What? Where am I?

In the past two weeks I’ve had 5 house guests, been out of town for 6 days, celebrated Halloween and the election of a new president. It was great to have our family visit, Halloween was a blast, my trip with the Golfer to one of his tournaments was fantastic, and the election of Obama was amazing. But now my house is a wreck, I have piles of laundry that don’t seem to be getting any smaller, and a sick Monkey lying on the couch who is throwing up every ten minutes (hence the reason why the laundry piles aren’t getting any smaller.)

I’d shoot myself, but that would only make a bigger mess to clean up.

Having house guests, no matter how much you love them, is tiresome. What is that old saying about fish and house guests smelling? Well, my house guests certainly didn’t smell, but my kids did. I was too busy being out of town and playing hostess to worry about things like bath time for the boys.

Now I’m experiencing the post-house guest/post-vacation/post-election hangover. It’s fun having people come to visit because it breaks up the regular, mind-numbing routine that normally fills my days and no one needed a vacation more than I did, but now I’m stuck with the reality that life must return to normal which means that there’s no excuse–the children have to be bathed.

On a positive note, Saturday the Golfer’s team was recognized for their national championship win during the UCLA football game.

Their pictures were up on the jumbo tron (yep, that’s him on the screen) and their names announced over the loud speaker, which is especially cool happening on the field at the Rose Bowl.

And when the announcer said, “And now…introducing your national championship head coach…Derek Freeman!” my mascara started to run underneath my sunglasses.

To make it even more special, the Golfer gave the team their championship ring that same day.

So, even though I’m tired and currently covered in vomit (I’m only able to write this in between catching vomit in a towel) it really has been a great couple of weeks. Now I just have to sit back and wait for the rest of the family to get sick.

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  1. Dawn

    We just went through that stomach thing recently. I so feel for you. I’ll be praying that the rest of the family doesn’t get it. I think it is just so awesome about your husband. I know how proud you must feel. 🙂

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