What Thanksgiving looks like at our house.

Thanksgiving was fairly uneventful for the California Freemans. Just the four of us. We didn’t even bother to get out of our pajamas before having our Thanksgiving lunch, which was nice since we simply moved from the dinner table to the couch.

The Cheese actually tried everything on his plate this year–an absolute first. He didn’t like any of it (beside the chicken leg and the jello salad) but at least he’s learning to try.

What a good lookin’ bunch! See that blank wall behind my husband’s unwashed hair? That’s the blank spot that where I want a certain wine cabinet/buffet to go. If Santa loves me, he’ll wrap it up and put it under the tree for me.

The Monkey gnawed on that chicken leg until there was nothing left but the bone. For a child who’s basically been a vegetarian for the last 3 years, he’s turning into quite the carnivore.

Daddy and the boys worked on hand-print turkeys to send to all of the grandparents this year. The Monkey was thankful for airplanes, Geo-Trax, and food. The Cheese was thankful for Bionicles, God, and people.

Up in the loft I put a small tree for the boys to decorate all by themselves. They were fired up to do it first thing Friday morning. (Notice we are still–yet again–in our pajamas.)

I tried my best to refrain from helping (i.e., butting in) but there were some small ornaments that needed to go up top. I was just being helpful. And amazingly enough, I’ve stayed away from the tree. It’s totally unbalanced with multiple ornaments on one limb, etc., but I’ve left it alone. Mama’s tree is the “breakable tree” downstairs.

I’ve gotta admit, the tree is pretty damn cute. They are so proud of it and it’s such a special little tree with all of their home made ornaments next to several ornaments from both the Golfer and my childhoods.

The best part? Putting the topper on the tree. Who needs a dumb ol’ angel or a silly star when you’ve got Santa to put on top.

The best Christmas trees are the one’s decorated with love.

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  1. Dawn

    OMG! I love that you all got to stay in your jammies all day.And, you totally made me laugh when you mentioned the golfers unwashed hair!! That tree is adorable. They did a fabulous job. Courtney has a tiny little purple one in her room. (It’s still up from last year!LOL)But, I do have a big one for upstairs as well that will look similar to yours. If I decide to put up two trees!

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