Mother Nature hates me.

Do you ever breath a sigh of relief? I did. Just now.

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been crazy busy. I’ve been to Target at least 40 times. I’ve been to the post office three times in the last week to mail packages. I’ve had my parents come to visit, celebrated my husband’s birthday, gotten a new car, had the dogs groomed, gone to a fabulous dinner with my husband’s staff and colleagues, and last night I even went to see the musical Wicked (which was excellent by the way!)

Sure. I get it. Everyone’s busy this time of year. All the people reading this (and I’m sure there are thousands) could give a long laundry list of everything that they’ve been doing to get ready for the holidays.

But I’ve been in a serious rush to get everything done by today. Tomorrow we head down to UCLA for the Cheese’s pre-op appointment. It’s finally time for his surgery (this will be surgery #3.) So I had to get everything done. Get it finished and behind me before heading to the hospital on Friday.

So as of 3 o’clock today, I was able to breath a sigh of relief. I had done it. Gotten everything done with time to spare. No more packages to mail. No more presents to wrap. No more wondering what to buy…whoever. School’s officially out for us, which means no more lunches to pack or homework to do for a few weeks. All I have to do is sit back and focus on my child, cater to him while he heals, and enjoy the week before Christmas.

When does that ever happen? Never.

Tomorrow, after the pre-op appointment, we’re heading to Disneyland for the afternoon (a little pre-surgery treat.) We’re all excited. There’s nowhere that will put you in the Christmas mood better than Disneyland with all of their wonderful decorations, songs, parades, and fireworks show set to Christmas music.

There’s just a little glitch.

You know how I’m always complaining that it never rains here and it’s never cold? Well, today it’s about 40 degrees and raining outside. I’ve been wishing for this kind of weather. The kind of weather where you can actually build a fire in the fireplace and feel winter in your bones while you cozy up on the couch to watch a good movie. I love that it’s dark and deary outside. I just wish it didn’t have to be this way when we have plans to be outside all day at an amusement park.
Well, come hell or high water–I’m not sure what that old saying means exactly, but I just no when someone says it, they mean serious business–we are going to Disneyland, dammit! I’ve worked my butt off to get everything done so we could spend the day at the happiest place on earth, and my little boy, who will have his eye lids cut on and adjusted on Friday has been looking forward to it for weeks.

Yeah, uh-huh. We’re going.

Bundle up, kids and put on your rain boots. There’s a mouse dressed as Santa waiting to see us.


  1. Jenn

    You know, I was JUST thinking last night, “I wonder if Stephenie saying it NEVER snows will be the trick this year…”. You know, ‘never say never.’ I was kinda hoping for snow. (And for the record, it’s snowed twice in my lifetime in SCV, but the last time was when I was in 7th grade, so we’re long overdue!)Hope you guys have a wonderful time at Disneyland– I bet you won’t even realize it’s chilly because you’re having so much fun! 😉 We’ll be praying for Cheese on Friday…. Keep us all posted.

  2. Dawn

    Please do an update of Facebook about how the surgery went. I’m just now reading this post or I would have been praying already. I’ll be sure to pray for a quick and painless recovery.I hope your family enjoyed Disneyland!!

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