Look what Santa gave me!

A few weeks ago I wrote a Christmas wish list.  It was a big o’ list of stuff that I knew that I wouldn’t get.  But what’s that they say about being careful about what you wish for?

Wish 1.  The desire of exercise:  Okay, I still don’t have the desire to exercise, but now I have someone to help to change all that.  This year I gave a Christmas present to myself–I hired a personal trainer.  I haven’t started yet (next Monday I’ll start 3 days a week with her) but I have a feeling that this trainer is going to give me exactly what I’m lacking–the motivation to get off my butt and exercise, which means I might actually get wish 7: The body of a 20-year-old.

Wish 2.  A Tahoe Hybrid:  When I put this on my list, I NEVER thought that I would actually find it under my tree, but there it was!  I love my new car.  I love that there are times that I can’t even tell that it is on when it is in hybrid mode because it’s so quiet.  And most of all, I love that I have a husband that gave up having a new car so I could have one instead.

For wishes 3-6 and 8-12, I didn’t quite get what I wanted, but pretty close.

There’s no puppy, wish 3, in our future (which is probably a good thing) and the maid service, wish 4, will also have to wait.

Syndication, wish 5, is still a long ways off, but my friend Kristen gave me a few contacts for some newspapers back home.  It might not be syndication, but having a friend that believes in your abilities and talents is almost as good as national syndication.

A floor that will always stay clean, wish 8, and a manicure that will last forever, wish 9, didn’t exactly come true, but it came close.  Without being told, the Golfer got out the vacuum and cleaned the floors both upstairs and down and he also gave me a spa gift certificate to get my nails done over and over again.

My kitchen didn’t suddenly get bigger, wish 6, but the Golfer and I are in talks to possibly remodel the it in the near future.  We could really use wish 12, buckets of cash, to make it happen, but my New Year’s resolution to buy less stuff might help in saving the money to make my wish come true.

Wish 10, having children who will listen, was crazy thinking on my part, but they’ve been so busy playing with all of their Christmas presents they’ve been little angels lately.  They’re not listening any better, but they’re not acting up and causing problems either.

And finally, wish 11, my diamond earrings, are still on the list.  I’ll continue to keep hunting around and wishing for the best and obviously, wishing for what you want works so I’m not about to stop now!


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