Why is it so hard?

The Biggest Loser is filling me with unrealistic expectations.

I watch that darn show every week. They get on the scale to find that they’ve lost 5…11…even 15 pounds in just one week! And then I get on my scale and see that I’ve lost one pound and I think, “What the hell!!!”

I get that they are working out all day, every day in a very controlled environment. But I think that I assumed that once I made up my mind to change–to work out hard and eat less–that the weight would start falling off in big clumps.

It just doesn’t work that way, people.

I refuse to make some drastic change to my eating because I know that once I got off the diet, I couldn’t keep it up. So, the only major change that I’ve really made is the no sugar. Well, that and nothing white–no potatoes, no white rice, no “white” pasta (only whole wheat). It’s getting easy to avoid the sugar. It’s funny to me how the longer you go without it, the cravings simply go away. But this week I’ve been on my…um…period (sorry if that’s too much information) and the cravings are back with avengence! Especially for chocolate! Lord help me I want some chocolate!

So because of “that”, I haven’t weighed this week. But even if I did, I would probably be only one pound lighter. That’s been my average–one pound a week. And I know that that is a healthy weight loss. Heck, even the Jenny Craig commercials have a small print disclaimer on the bottom about 1-2 pounds being the normal weight loss average. But come on…just once couldn’t I have a Biggest Loser moment and get on the scale to find it 10 pounds lighter?

You want to know what’s really hard? It isn’t avoiding the birthday cake or the chocolate fondue on Valentine’s Day. It’s avoiding that last bite of waffle drenched in syrup on your child’s plate or the last few French fries from their Happy Meal. That’s what really hard. And you know what? Those bites can add up to a lot of pounds over time.

So I’m off to another hard workout. She worked my ass off on Wednesday, so I gotta tell you I’m not really looking forward to today. The only thing that keeps me going?

3 months to bathing suit season and counting!


  1. Amy

    I have lost 17lbs in one month, that is after having 2 children, close to being 40, and with a Hypothyroid. If I can do it, so can you!! I use to do the whole no sugar thing, no whites… blah!!! Want to know my secret????“If God didn’t make it, don’t eat it.” That is it!! Seriously! Did God make Chicken Fried Steak? NO! He made steak. Did he make white flour? NO! He made whole grains. Did he make a doughnut tree or a tortilla tree? NO! Hope that helps you out! Good luck! 🙂

  2. jjofar

    ok. i have been secretly reading your blog with no comments for months now. i am right there with you on so many things. it is like we are long lost friends and nearly the same person (only i have 3 boys). i laughed so hard at your last post and i am so sympathetic to this one. one pound a week over time will ROCK!! happy bathing suit shopping. in my mind i’m thinking maybe this year i’ll pick the suit with no giant skirt or the not go for the cutest cover-up that never comes off. i am hoping to blast out of my shell, but that is not going to work eating that last bite of waffle…although it always looks and smells sooooo good! curse the eggos!

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