A Love Poem by The Cheese

“Love is….when my mom is nice.

Love is…when my dad gives me dollars.”

So apparently, I’m a total grumpy butt and my husband has been paying off the children to like him.

I laughed, of course, when I read the poem at his school yesterday. But the more I thought about it, the more depressed I got. I mean, I know that I have to play the bad guy most of the time. I’m the one constantly saying things like, “Stop it”, “Get of the Wii”, “Eat your fruit”, “Your room’s a mess”, “Don’t hit your brother”, “Hurry up”, “You’re driving me nuts”, etc., etc.

Which is why I’m now reading this book…

Let’s hope it helps or I might have to start paying off my children to like me too.

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  1. Marci

    Ooh–I am so getting that book. I am the main disciplinarian in our household, and it gets exhausting. I feel like I am sometimes no fun and a little mean. Am going to order that book right now–thanks for the tip! Oh, and cute blog!

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