Look out Olan Mills!

There’s a young photographer honing his craft at our house. The Cheese got a new camera for his birthday from his Papa. Here’s just a little taste of how he sees the world and what he feels is worthy enough to take a picture of.

Star Wars Legos….shocker. What I love about this picture is the perspective that he has going on. Kind of an action shot, don’t you think?

This is a picture of the bottom of his closet. In all fairness to myself as a mother, we just cleaned his whole room yesterday to make room for the new toys. There’s an hour of my life that I can never get back.

And yet another perspective of the newly crafted Star Wars Lego battleship. And yes, he built that all by himself. The mess that Legos make sucks, but the quite time that they provide Mama while he’s building is well worth it.

And finally, the proverbial self-portrait. (Notice the red mark on his nose. That happened at Barnes and Noble the other day. The four of us were quietly sitting, drinking coffee and cocoa while we looked at books. I had just said to the Golfer, “This is so nice!” when the Monkey got a little pissy and decided to smack his brother with a book. Funny how much pain a little Go, Diego Go book can inflict.)

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