Beware. This post contains too much information.

Okay. Um. Okay. I have something that I’m itching to discuss, but I’ve got to warn you…it’s a little, um, I don’t even know how to describe it, so just…beware.

So the Golfer overheard his players yesterday. He often eavesdrops to get the latest scoop.

Player #1: “Man, I mean, she had hair down there!”

Player #2: “Really? Hair? Wow!”

Now, I’m just going to stop right there. I’m not going to take the conversation any further than that. But I’m hoping from that two sentence blurb you’ll get the idea of what they were discussing. They were totally shocked that a woman (or in this case some poor college girl) would have hair “down there.” They thought it was weird!

They are college boys–college boys discuss all sorts of things, especially things that have to do with pretty girls and their body parts. But this wasn’t really about body parts–it was about body parts with hair. Or should I say, lack there of.

From what the Golfer could gather, it seems that girls nowadays are totally into…shaving…totally. I believe that everyone’s personal hygiene is just that…personal. Personally, I have enough trouble keeping my legs shaved. But this particular discussion really got under my skin. I guess it was the fact that the players thought that it was so strange, bizarre even, that a girl would have hair “down there.”

“So did you tell them that being hairless isn’t the norm?” I asked the Golfer.

“No, I just laughed.”

“Uh-huh. Of course you did.”

Had I been there…well, they wouldn’t be having that conversation in front of me if I had been there. They are all nice boys who I adore. But they are clueless college boys and if for some weird reason they were to have the “hairless” conversation in front of me, I don’t think that I could have kept my mouth shut.

Here’s what I probably would have said:

“Guys, women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This includes hair. We all have it. It’s the way God intended. It serves a purpose. Some have a lot. Some have a little. Some shave a lot. Some shave a little. And some don’t shave at all which is perfectly normal.

And one day when you’re married and your wife is at home all day with your children, making sure that all of their needs are met and that your laundry is washed and there is food cooked when you come home from work, the last thing that she is going to have time to do is SHAVE…ANYWHERE…let alone ‘down there.’ You will be lucky if she has even had time to bathe that day and is wearing clean underwear.

Guys, learn to appreciate women for who they really are…naturally…and not what they are trying to be in an attempt to make you happy. Fake boobs aren’t natural. Bleach blond hair and black roots isn’t natural. Being hairless from the neck down isn’t natural. Because believe me, no woman shaves bald to make herself happy. That’s all about you. Get over it.”

And what do you think the guys would have said when I was done?

“Man, Coach’s wife is one crazy, hairy lady.”


  1. shawneemimi

    I can’t believe that those young ladies want to be bald “down there” at this time of their lives.If they will just have a little patience, mother nature will arrange to make them smooth and hairless, without pain or charge. Just ask any mature, sensual woman!

  2. Jenn

    I had this same realization– that the younger girls were going “bald”– a few years back when one of my friends (much) younger sisters mentioned it. But they don’t necessary shave… they WAX. And then I also have the memory from years ago of the Wax Nazi (a Westwood favorite who yells “LAY DOWN!” like a drill sergeant as she pours hot wax on you and then RIPS hair from its follicles) asked me if I wanted to have my hair ‘down there’ shaped into a heart and dyed red in honor of the upcoming Valentine’s Day weekend. I politely declined and asked for just a traditional bikini wax. But I did leave puzzled…. People actually DYE their hair down there? And SHAPE it?!? Wow. I feel so old and boring. But certainly less itchy. 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I wonder if your husband would “just laugh” if he had daughters. How sad that these young men and their coach feel it is ok to degrade young girls this way. As a mother of both girls AND boys I find it very disheartening that an adult in a leadership role would not use this as an opportunity to talk about repecting women and themselves.

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