Design Blogger Envy

I’m not as cool as I want to be and it’s killing me.

I visits blogs like here and here and here and I want to stop everything that I’m doing and adopt their style through some sort of computer osmosis.

These ladies have taste. They have an eye for beautiful things and I kill to be able to see the way they see things. Better yet, I’d kill to have their decorating style. I find myself looking around my house and not liking what I see and I hate feeling that way because I am all about finding contentment and being satisfied with what you have and who you are.

But there’s something about these bloggers and their lovely sites that make me what to change things up, reinvent my style. Maybe it’s the kitchen madness spilling over into the rest of the house–I’m not sure. Perhaps has to do with the fact that I’ve gotten so used to moving every 12 months that I’m itching for a change.

Either way it doesn’t matter. I simply want to spend the weekend crawling into these bloggers’ brains and finding out where they find/come up with their ideas. I want to make my own headboard like this:

{instructions can be found at}

Looks like a great weekend project to me! Now if I only knew where she got that fabric…


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