Oldest Boy’s Room REDO

With sick kids over the weekend, I was inspired to rearrange the furniture. The Cheese had complained that there wasn’t enough room in his room to play. Heaven forbid that he isn’t able to escape to his room for some quite time because Lord knows Mama needs that more than he does.

I had originally put a desk in his room, thinking that he would actually do his homework there. But in truth, he always does his homework in the kitchen (don’t they all?) So his desk really served no purpose other than a catch-all which drove me nuts.

I moved the desk out and rotated the bed 90 degrees.

Then I headed off to IKEA (not with the sick children mind you.) Gotta love that place. Good stuff for kids–cheap! Works especially well for me since I like to change things up on a regular basis. Bought this cool poster for his wall.

The Cheese kind of has a solar system “theme” to his room: Solar System bedding from Land of Nod, Star Wars bedding from Pottery Barn Kids, and some cool, old globes that I decided to hang from the ceiling as solar system substitute. So I had been looking for some cool art for his wall. Had found some great posters that, by the time they were framed, would cost a fortune. Considering the fact that he won’t have a Solar System room forever, I needed something more cost effective. So I saw this poster for $12.99 and thought, “Those could be aliens? Right? Sure!” Plus, I loved this part of the poster:

Something about “Toe Jam Pizza” cracked me up and felt appropriate for a 7 year old’s room. Plus it looks like a 7-year-old drew the whole thing.

Then I got busy building the bookshelves. And after an hour of grunting and hammering, this is what I came up with:

Note that I did not spend a lot of time decorating the shelves. I have learned that this is pointless. My child will rearrange them to his liking later, so I’ve learned the hard way not to waste the time. At least there is “room to grow” with plenty of shelf space for more book and LEGO creations.

Overall, it was a productive “redo” that ended up only costing me $130. Nate Berkus, eat your heart out. (Just kidding, sooooooo just kidding. What I wouldn’t give for him to come and “redo” my entire house from top to bottom. Until that day comes, I’m left to my own resouces and bank account. Sigh.)

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