Goodbye kitchen remodel. It was nice knowing you.

Okay. Part of the nice thing about having a blog is the ability to bitch and complain about things, even if they are things that no one else truly cares about. So bear with me.

So as I’ve written previously we’ve been planning this kitchen remodel for a couple of months now. It was set for June–a week and a half that the Golfer could be home to be the extraordinary handy man that he is. Everything was picked out, decisions had been made, we were good to go.

I was excited!

Then yesterday it got really hot here where we live–over 90 degrees according to my car. We have a programmable thermostat that automatically kicks in when it gets over a certain temperature. So after we got home from a story time at the library, pizza at the mall, and a hot game of putt-putt, (yes I know, Mother of the Year is in the bag!) it was no surprise to hear the air conditioner running.

And it continued to run. And run. And run.

As we soon discovered, the air conditioner might have been on, but the fan wasn’t working. And if the fan isn’t spinning, cool air isn’t happening. And if cool air isn’t happening, it gets really hot in a house with one side that faces the west on a 90 degree day.

The Golfer and I just stared at each other. We had trouble with this unit last summer. This didn’t look good. So we called a repair man who said that he could be out the first thing the next morning.

By 8 o’clock this morning, our worst fears were realized: we needed a new air conditioner.

Ka-BAM! and goodbye kitchen remodel!

A big ass chunk (sorry, when I get irritated I tend to cuss) of the money that we had been saving for the kitchen remodel will now have to go to, you guessed it, a brand-spanking-new air conditioning unit.

Son of a b%*#!!!!

I mean, I’m glad that we had the cash to pay for this cooling and heating emergency and it proves why it is so important to have a little money stashed away for such a thing, but these are the moments when I absolutely hate being a responsible grown up. Who wants to spend lots of hard-earned money on a big metal box that’s going to sit in your yard?


But that’s not even the part that pisses me off. The REAL thing that I’m frustrated about is the fact that our home warranty–the one that came with the house when we bought it–EXPIRED LAST MONTH!! Isn’t that the way life works? It’s like there were these little gremlins just sitting around, waiting for the exact moment to crawl into our unit, break the fan and create a mysterious leak in the freon.

No, no! Not yet! Two more weeks until it expires and then we strike!

But here’s where it gets really good. According to the repair man that came this morning, the electrical work that we had done on the unit last summer by a repair guy sent by the home warranty people WAS ILLEGAL! I’m not sure what illegal electrical work includes or means exactly, but all I know is that I paid a $50 deductible to have some guy come out and make us look like criminals.

It was 8 o’clock in the morning and I needed a beer.

Instead, I’m getting a new air conditioner. Which is a good thing because today is supposed to be 90 degrees again and as hot as I am right now, if I get any hotter I might kill somebody.

And the poor kitchen remodel? Well, it will have to wait until August. That is, unless the gremlins come back and break more of our stuff.


  1. Jenn

    Stephenie- If you haven’t already purchased said AC unit, CALL ME. My brother’s roommate has his own AC business and will give you the “family discount.” Seriously.
    There might be hope yet to salvage the kitchen remodel!

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