More Decorating Pics

As promised, here are more pics of the decorating/redecorating that’s been going on around here.

Here’s the space that we call “the loft.” I did have my desk shoved into the corner, but even with the windows, it felt as if you were being punished to sit in the corner. I’ve tried to hide the computer cords with the red leather chair. Seems to be working fine. I wish that I could make my desk look all cute and creative, but hey, it’s a desk. It’s more about function than fancy.

Still in the loft. This would be the boys’ T.V./video game arcade/lounging space to get away from Mom and Dad.

This is the chair that was meant for the Golfer (in our bedroom) but has served as more of a reading spot for me.

I love this little corner of our bedroom. Those big pics of the boys were taken when they were each a month old. I love the profile shots. The little bench was my great-grandmother’s and fits the odd angled wall perfectly.

My bedside table. This was the envelope that my birthday card from the Cheese came in. I’d loved it more than the card itself. It’s of course of the four of us. I love it because it’s a happy picture, which I hope means that he feels like we’re a happy family because of course we are!

Now to my favorite room in the house: the guest bedroom. This is the room that I NEVER let the boys are the dogs go into. It’s the one room that’s always clean which is perhaps the reason why it’s my favorite.

The painters thought I was nuts when I chose this color but I love it. Gotta love the pillow that my friend Kim found for me on esty. Had to have it of course.

So I bought this cool empty frame at IKEA with no idea what I’d put inside. Really I just thought that I’ve leave it empty. It’s cool enough to stand alone. But then I found this old Life magazine when we moved and of course I didn’t want to through it away because it had all of these old pics of Princess Diana in it. So instead I thought of doing this collage.

This bedside table was on sale at Pottery Barn. It was one of those finds that I snached up, not believing my luck at finding something that I actually needed that was cheap (or cheaper at least.) The yellow wicker chair was mine when I was a little girl.

This spot is an odd little space in our upstairs hallway. It’s part of a linen closet. The grey stones are from the beach that the boys and I collected for the past 2 Mother’s Days (didn’t make it this year due to a case of strep throat here in the house.)

I hope that you enjoyed my little home tour. Hopefully in the next few months I’ll have some pics of a remodeled kitchen to show you. But I’m not holding my breath. The garbage disposal broke the other night. If things keep breaking at this rate, we’ll never get the kitchen done!

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