Where did I go?

It has been a while since I’ve written about my Weighty Issues. You thought I had fallen off the wagon hadn’t you?

Nope! I’ve still been at it. I’ve still been meeting with my trainer twice a week (versus three times a week when I first started) and she’s still kicking my butt. But I’ve learned to enjoy it (as much as you can enjoy sweating, groaning, and grunting your way through an hour workout.)

And it has paid off! I have lost…wait for it…a total of 11 inches from head to toe (or should I say boobs to butt.) 11 whole inches! That’s almost like, a whole ruler’s worth of inches that are no longer attached to my body!

I chose to focus on the inches lost instead of the pounds lost. I wanted my “transformation” to be more about how I felt versus what the scale told me. In the past, I always got so frustrated with the number on the scale that I usually ended up quiting. I didn’t want that to happen to me again since I tend to lose weight slowly (about 1/2 pound to a pound a week.) I knew that only worrying about the number on the scale would sabotage my progress.

Before we started, I measured the following: tummy, butt, bi-cep, and bust. In the last 20 weeks I’ve taken my measurements twice, each time finding that I had lost more inches. Of course I’ve been weighing myself too and have been losing pounds as well. But as expected, the weight loss has been slow. So keeping up with my measurements have kept me motivated. The two places I have lost the most? My butt and waist (obviously the two places I needed to lose them!) I have lost 4 inches on both! (Plus 2 around my butt and 1 around my bi-cep in case you’re keeping track.) Crazy!

But now summer is almost upon us and I’ve made an important decision. I’m going to give up my trainer for the summer and see how I do on my own. Why, you ask, would I choose to do this when I’ve been making such good progress with her? For one thing, having a personal trainer is expensive. She’s been worth every penny, but even she says that I can’t keep going to her forever. At some point I’ve got to try and do all of this on my own. I figured that summertime would be a good time to start. We’ll see how it goes and if I need to, I can always go back to her in the fall.

I’ll continue to keep you updated on my Weighty Issues, but if I kept losing these inches, I might just disappear for good!

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