It’s all about staying active

It’s been about a month since I stopped working with my trainer. The whole reason that I started working with a trainer in the first place was that I needed someone to help me stay motivated. (And of course having someone who knew the best way to help me succeed was great too.) So stopping the trainer seemed a little risky.
I promised myself that when I stopped that I would continue everything on my own. Well, I’ve sort of done that. I can give you lots of excuses: it’s summer, we’re totally off our regular routine, it’s starting to get really hot outside, etc., etc. Luckily, I’ve still been paying close attention to what goes in my mouth.
Regardless, I’ve been staying far away from the scale. I didn’t want to see that due to my lack of exercise in the last week I had put back on some of the weight that I had previously lost.
Well, I was feeling really brave this morning. I decided to take my chances (even though I knew that the news might ruin my day before it had even started.)

And let me tell you I was totally shocked to see that I hadn’t gained a pound, but instead had lost FIVE!! Which means that I am five pounds closer to my goal.

To say that I was thrilled would be an understatement.

Now, I haven’t been doing my “regular” workouts that I had been doing with my trainer, but I have been active.

On our recent road trip to Sequoia (see columns below) all we did was walk and hike and climb so that certainly counts for something. There was a night when I went out with my best girlfriends to a club to hear an 80’s cover band and we danced for 3 hours straight. And recently when the Golfer and the Cheese were out of town, the Monkey and I played a lot of Wii fit. Let me just say, doing the Super Hula Hoop game is quite the workout!

So, obviously been active, no matter what the activity, is an important part of staying fit and trim. I know that once school starts again and I have 5 mornings to myself I will once again get into a regular workout routine. But for now, it’s important that I continue to do things, fun activities, that keep me moving throughout the summer.

And, unfortunately, I don’t think sipping frozen drinks by the pool counts.

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