hot summer days indoors

when it’s over 100 degrees outside, this bad mama allows her children to do just about whatever they want for as long as they want. For example,

allowing your children to rot their brains by spending endless hours on video games (which I know totally classifies me as bad, bad mama)

when the guilt becomes too much to bear, you start trying to act all educational.
“Count the sides for me. What shape is that?”

the guilt makes you agree to play board games that are good for them, but you happen to loath.

so you get tired of being so good and decide to go back to being bad by letting them watch entirely too much television.

but you don’t feel too bad because at least one of your children has been busy
getting crafty with the legos.

she looks like she’s trying to tell us something. perhaps something along the lines of “I don’t want my picture taken.”

and when nothing is left to do–when they are tired of video games and television (which is a pretty hard thing to do)–boys spend lots of time shooting at things, especially each other.

But at the very least, even though you’ve been a total slacker mama all day long, at least you get to practice some of your indoor photography skills.

{and please note, none of this was shot in auto mode. thank you very much.}

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