Dream a little dream for me

You know when you wake up and you think, “Man! That dream was sooooo real!”

I just had one of those. And oh…my…goodness. This one was worth remembering.

Okay, so, John Mayer and I were on the Ellen Degeneres Show. I don’t know why we were on there, but Oprah was there too. John and I were doing one of Ellen’s crazy games–something to do with donuts and pretzels sticks (it’s not what you’re thinking, get you mind out of the gutter)–and we made Ellen laugh and she loved us. So did Oprah.

So after the show was over John and I headed out, together as a couple, to watch the surfing competition at the beach. I had my new camera, trying to take pictures, but John just wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept wanting to hug me and a put his arms around me which was really getting in the way of my picture taking.

Then we were in an Italian restaurant and I was walking around in a bikini trying all sorts of pasta from the salad bars and feeling slender looking at all of the old, fat, Italian women standing around. John told me that he liked me exactly like I am.

And then suddenly there was a 4-year-old on the edge of my bed asking if he could play the Wii and even though it was 7 am, I told him that it was fine because I desperately wanted to get back to John. But he’s was already gone. Gone, gone, gone.

In case you’re wondering, the Golfer’s been out of town for the last 4 days. I think it’s time for him to come home.

{my heart’s not broken, but I thought the whole “dream” thing went well with my story. enjoy. I sure did.}


  1. jjofar

    oh, how i love john! this is too funny! lucky for me, i have a husband with a dreamy voice who will learn any john that i ask him to. hurry home golfer!! 🙂

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