"Such a little cutie!"

Have I ever told you about Woof Woof? This is him.

He is the Monkey’s one true love. Oh sure, he loves the Golfer and I completely, but he loves Woof Woof to pieces. Literally.

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I had a Woof Woof when I was little. His name was Fluffy. Fluffy was my first love who eventually went to college with me and now resides on the Monkey’s bed.

The Cheese wanted nothing to do with stuffed animals when he was a baby. Still really doesn’t have much of an interest in them. After a couple of years I gave up trying when he made an attachment to a pink plastic door from his Elmo’s World play set. He called it Door (very original) and carried it everywhere. I was just happy that he had made an attachment to something.

Then the Monkey came around and I tried again. Some family friends had given us this cute puppy that I put in his crib while I was still pregnant and crossed my fingers.

I’m not sure when it happened, but Woof Woof eventually became the Monkey’s best friend. Most of the day he runs around, clueless to Woof Woof’s whereabouts when suddenly he’ll stubble upon him. He’ll scoop Woof Woof in his arms and cover his face with kisses, telling him “You are such a cutie.” and it melts my heart.

Woof Woof is starting to look bad. His fur isn’t as soft and fluffy as it once was, his stuffing is all misshapen, and there’s a little hole starting to form on the top of one of his ears.

But it doesn’t matter. The Monkey loves him to pieces. And honestly, so do I.

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