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I’m not usually this on the ball (okay, that’s not exactly true–I’m actually quiet annal about these sorts of things), but I’ve already ordered the Cheese’s new school lunchbox. Normally I would make a big deal about going to the store and letting him pick out a shiny new one. If you’ve read my book {wink, wink} then you know what a big deal that was for me growing up. Buying school supplies was always so exciting, and the lunchbox was always the highlight of the shopping trip.

But my son could honestly take it or leave it. So when I saw these lunchboxes advertised in a local magazine, I went ahead and took matters into my own hands.

After getting permission from the Cheese and allowing him to choose the style that he liked best, I order one of these from Go Green Lunchboxes.

I’m so excited about this cool lunchbox! It’s like a little bento box on the inside, which means NO MORE PLASTIC BAGGIES. And it even comes with a water bottle, which means NO MORE JUICE BOXES. So when I’m making the Cheese’s lunch every day I’ll be saving money and saving the planet. LOVE IT!!

{from gogreenlunchboxes.com}

There are 6 different styles to choose from. I loved this polka dotted one, but the Cheese wouldn’t go for it.

And my favorite thing about these lunchboxes has to do with the fact that they were created by a mama who saw a need and filled it. {Read her story here.} The lunchbox is a little more expensive, but the money you’ll save in baggies, not to mention what you’re doing for the planet and the lesson that you are teaching your child, makes it totally worth it. You might see similar lunchboxes, say in the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue, but I think that these are way cuter and I’d much rather be supporting a hard working mama than a huge corporation.

Good luck with your back-to-school shopping and don’t forget to GO GREEN!

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