Crafting a little peace

It’s not as if there aren’t a million other things that I should be doing. I mean, we’re getting ready to rip out our entire kitchen in 3 days and what am I doing? I’m crafting.

A while back, I saw this cool piece of artwork on Etsy. (If you haven’t checked out Etsy, you must! It’s “your place to buy and sell all things handmade.”) So I saw this cool piece of artwork, a collage peace sign, and I thought “hey I could make that” so I stashed the idea away for a day when I had nothing better to do.


I had been saving old birthday cards for the project. Usually I’m like “save a tree–don’t send me a card” but for this project I was glad that nobody had ever listened. The first thing I did was use my little paper cutter to cut all of the cards into long strips.

I had a white canvas in the garage that had never been used that was perfect for this. I used the blue painter’s tape along the edge. I wanted a plain white edge to give it the look of being matted for framing. Then I painted 4 coats of this bright citron green color.

So once it was dry, I started to use my card strips to create an “o” shape. I cut the strips as needed to fit.

And once it was all said and done (a couple of hours from start to finish) this is what I ended up with. I wish I could give credit to the original artist who came up with this idea, but I can no longer find it. So whoever you are thanks! And no worries–I won’t be selling these any time soon.

Peace out…

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