Look what my husband built me!

As the big guy himself once said, “It is finished.” Alleluia and Amen!

Just a little reminder of what it looked like before…

Wait for it….

And almost one month later, exactly to the day, this is what it looks like now. AND MY HUSBAND DID IT ALL BY HIMSELF!!

I obviously took these at night, because once I got the kitchen put all back together it was late. So I still need to take some pics in the daytime, but don’t you love it? Didn’t my husband do an amazing job? Aren’t I blessed to have a husband that would work so hard during his time off to give me such a special gift?

This is now the bar area (used to be a little, useless desk and also where the microwave and oven were located.) It needs a little lamp to bring light to the area. Behind all of that glass sits my crystal which now has it’s own home.

These pics just don’t do his handy work justice. I wish I could all come over and if you did I would cook you dinner and you could see with your own two eyes just how fabulous my new kitchen really is.


  1. Dina

    It's beautiful! The kitchen seems to be the place of family warmth and gathering and nuturing, and so when you have a lovely space, you tend to just feel better. A wonderful job done and well worth the wait, I'm sure.

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