This is how behind I am.

Yes, I know. I haven’t been blogging much. Other than quickly downloading my Weekly Column, I really haven’t had time to blog much else. I’ve been busy with flag football and life and school and PTA room parents and planning a secret vacation on a Disney Cruise and Disney World. (To blog list: must, must, must blog about super-secret Disney vacation planning soon.)

And when you get busy with all of those sorts of things–the required things–you get behind on doing the things you actually like to do, like blogging and reading and just laying around with nothing to do.

This is how behind I am. These pics are from two weeks ago. They’re from the 1st UCLA football game. These were all the pics I was able to take before the ticket taker man told me that my lens was too big. Who knew?

And then I wasn’t able to take anymore pics until the game was over and we headed home to watch the OU vs. BYU game on our DVR. I joked on the way home that we were headed home to watch some “real” football. Oh…how…wrong…I…was.

I’m not sure where the “pose like a rock star” thing came from, but I’m hoping they grow out of it soon.

You gotta love the water bottle being used as a guitar. By the time we got into the car, it was being used as a drum stick. Unfortunately, his brother’s head was the drum.

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