My weekend.

The Golfer calls from out-of-town.

“What did I do this weekend? Oh, a whole lot of nothing really.”

  • made homemade waffles and turkey bacon
  • fed the dogs
  • started the laundry
  • watched Game Day on ESPN
  • watched football
  • did a little magazine reading catch-up
  • watched more football
  • helped build a few Legos
  • folded laundry
  • scooped poop
  • cheered for the Sooners
  • worked on family photo albums
  • folded more laundry
  • cheered that USC got beat
  • watered the plants
  • did a little secret Disney research
  • watched more football
  • cheered for the Bruins
  • slept
  • read the Sunday paper
  • more Disney research on eBay
  • balanced the checkbook
  • enjoyed a few Halloween Oreos
  • posted a blog
  • watched “Drop Dead Diva”
  • watched “Flipping Out”
  • watched “Real Housewives of Atlanta”
  • let the kids make their own dinner–Cheerios and yogurt
  • had an in depth discussion with the Cheese about numbering his bodily functions
  • watched the Emmy’s
  • bathed
  • slept

“Didn’t do much really. How was your weekend?”

(You know when women say they are sooooo busy, they just can’t tell you with what? This is what they mean.)

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